What if a work of art could capture the atomic intensity of “being” at the same time it renders an emotional likeness of the, people, pets, and objects that inhabit our lives?  Jess Frederick’s work does exactly this.  Whether it is a “portrait” of an old fashioned typewriter, or a beloved family pet, the electrifying lines and vibrant color of her work draw you into this dual level of existence.  Squiggly lines in motion define the image while color amplifies the subject’s energy and presence in wide dramatic stokes—the result: a likeness to her subject that is both endearing and astonishing.

Who I am 

I am a traveler who doesn't get to leave New York very often.  I have two small dogs but am not a small dog kind of girl. I live a life filled with spectacular moments found in everyday observation.  I am curious, passionate, creative, emotional and fierce. I also can be awkward, clumsy, occasionally cross-eyed, and think you have to learn to own your mistakes--particularly if they are on canvas.  My sensitivity and partial lack of depth perception lead me to interpret and express the world of characters around me with a “nervous” line, a vivid palette. I am in every painting with my subjects.  In this “Untitled” exhibition I celebrate my awkwardness, my creativity, my vision, my art.